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Sour Blue Razz

Head into oblivion on the most exciting happy experience of your life with these delicious THC-O gummies. These delicious THC-O gummies are made from lab-tested USA-grown hemp. Our THC-O extraction is as pure and potent as you can find on the market, making these gummies pleasantly strong and powerful.

THC-O provides a very euphoric feeling as stated by users. Each jar of gummies contains 25 gummies with 20mg of THC-O enriched distillate each. The total milligrams per jar is 500mg. These gummies are currently available in 3 delicious flavors. We suggest starting out by eating 1 gummy and waiting 30-45mins to feel desired results.

Sour Blue Razz is the classic candy flavor that you grew up on. The flavor you know and love all too well. These THCO gummies will leave your mouth watering from the flavor alone and give you that euphoric feeling you got them for.

  • USA Hemp Derived THC-O
  • Powerful Euphoria Blend
  • 500mg THC-O Per Jar
  • 20mg THC-O Per Gummy
  • 25 Gummies Per Jar
  • This product is federally legal, but it’s recommended to verify whether or not your state is restricted


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